Yoga in Swakopmund

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Yoga Wheel Class
The Yoga Wheel is a prop that I use in most my yoga classes to work on tight backs, by stretching and rolling the back over the wheel (under supervision).

The aim is to allow the back to stretch and regain as much of its natural mobility. In the YOGA Wheel class the entire 60 minutes are dedicated to working with the Yoga Wheel.

In this class we stretch and apply core workouts to compliment the practitioners existing practices (both on and off the mat).

The Yoga Wheel class is meant to improve flexibility and strength, Myofascial release and balance whilst allowing the practitioner to feel playful and adventurous as the body discovers the joy of movement.

You do not need to have your own Yoga Wheel to attend as Urban Zen Yoga studio supplies the Wheels. This class is perfect for all ages that do not have spinal, ankle, knee and hip injuries. Please discuss this class with the instructor and/ or physician before joining.
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