Feedback from students

I have a new obsession. I have tried Yoga a few times over the years but never loved it. Something magical has happened at mYoga/Urban Zen. Perhaps I was just ready to embrace it, but my practice with Ronja and Sigi has opened a new world, an altered consciousness. It is tantamount to an awakening. I felt the practice work through me, my body, my mind, my soul and I feel a deep connection to the surroundings, the people and the movements. After each practice I have an overwhelming feeling of well-being, peace and serenity. I have felt the physical affects throughout my body and the improvement in my knee is incredible. I look forward to a lifetime of Yoga and I am exited to have embarked on this new journey and pushing my body and mind to new heights.

Keren T (Namibia)

Sigi and Nic, Grace and Power. Antelope and lion. The harmony of the Tao.

Irene C (Ethiopia)

I had been looking for my kind of training possibilities and I am happy that I found Sigi's Yoga. Though I had never done Yoga before, flow of movement and use of breathing were very familiar from my own long-time hobby back in Oulu. Sigi is definitely one of the best instructors I have met. Besides being good exercise, Sigi's Yoga sessions provide nice escape from work for me. I like her way of instructing and the very friendly atmosphere of the place. After Yoga I always return home relaxed and feeling good. It's just great!

Tuula K (Finnland)

I've been doing Yoga with Sigi for the last year (my first experience with Yoga) and I must say she has changed my life. I noticed the change in my body from the second month.

David L (Spain)

Thank you for five wonderful years of yoga and healing. You are two very inspirational beings and have blessed my life in many ways. May the force be with you and may you be blessed in all your ways. Namaste.

Marita R (Namibia)

For nearly two years, I have been practicing yoga three nights a week in an open air studio under a thatch roof (the scents of jasmine and incense swirling around the room with music from around the world) with the most beautiful and amazing teacher, Sigi Kolbe. Sigi, you have taught me so much and so much of the happiness I have found here in Namibia has been with and through you. Truly blessed.

Andrea H (USA)

This being my first ever experience of yoga, I was full of misgivings, which gave way to a deep sense of elation upon learning that Yoga is something inside us and inside me. Though I have to admit, I still can't touch my toes.

Ronnie C (Ethiopia)

Your yoga classes are exceptional and I will miss them very much. The lovely setting, the humour, and the very good advice have meant so much to me over the last year. I arrived in Namibia still recovering from a horrible illness I had for a few years before and your classes have blended so well with the healing atmosphere of the country.

I was lucky to find you in the first week we arrived in Windhoek and when  I went your class, got into the first triangle pose, and just thought 'ok, I'm home in this body wherever I go.' I know words are just words, and are often insufficient when it comes to saying thank you. But I want to express my gratitude for sharing your gift of instructing yoga with me. 

Karen C (South Africa)

I have absolutely loved the yoga classes that you provide, and wish I could transport you to CT with me. It will be very hard to match this kind of experience with the more 'in-vogue'/detached and mechanical yoga that CT has to offer. So be sure that I will come in for some drop-in classes when I am here for visits.

Sam M (South Africa)

I miss your classes very much as I did enjoy the practice so much. You are a very good teacher, not only do you explain asanas well, putting together the classes well with a constant change in asanas but you also have a special dedication and commitment to your practice and students that does come out. That’s rare for many teacher I find.

Natalia B (Poland)

I also want to thank you for all those things you talk to us before starting… It is something deep what many yoga teachers forget…. Yoga is not only about the physical exercise but something deeper and you bring it to our attention in such good and nice way. After your talks I feel so “ready” to try deepen the asanas with those thoughts given by you.
Thanks for being such a lovely and giving yoga teacher

Kristina R (Namibia)

Du verwöhnst uns in deinem Yoga Unterricht mit deiner Professionalität!

Es gibt wirklich schlechte Tage, und der Körper zeigt, wie der Kopf oder der Geist das Gleichgewicht verlieren. Aber….wir sind immer noch viel besser dran als alle, die auf dem Sofa sitzen, oder? Das ist meine Philosophie!

Isabel GF (Spain)

Nächsten Mittwoch wird leider meine letzte Stunde bei dir sein. Ich habe es wirklich bei dir genossen und ich denke ich konnte die Flexibilität meines Rückens und der Schultern immens verbessern. Vielen Dank! Es hat wirklich Spaß gemacht und ich habe viel über mich und meinen Körper gelernt.

Maylin M (Norway)

I love the classes so much and I think they (colleagues) are seeing it and are now so keen to also join:)

Michelle T (Namibia)